About Us



I just want to start off by thanking God for the opportunities he has given me and for guiding me through this journey. 

For the people that don’t know who I am, I come from a place where darkness was normal and opportunities were one-in-a-million. Where you had to be born rich or inherit in order to be someone. 

Fast forward to 2004, where we were given a chance to be someone. We moved to the United States in 2004.  I didn’t speak the language, didn’t understand the culture, and weren’t quite sure what my purpose was at the time. 

Then boom-- it finally clicked: My purpose is to better our lives for our families, better the lives of others, and for myself. My purpose is to end the generational crisis that has been ongoing throughout the years. I started to reflect about what I can do to end that crisis and how I can give back to our families. I had a vision --the vision to start up a clothing brand which will inspire the people around me and show the world no matter where you're from or how you started out, you just need to stay focused on your vision. If you can envision it, you can accomplish it. 

I would like for all of you to take this journey with me to inspire one another and with TVIY (The Vision Is Yours) on your chest, we know that, together, we can accomplish that.